Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Small Kitchen

Wood Based Small Kitchen Design with Ceiling Lighting and Pendant Lighting

Use medium to light tones with lot’s of lighting anywhere you can get it. Recessed in the ceiling and under cabinet lighting are two of the most popular options but consider strip lighting above the cabinets that shines up the wall too if your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling.

Traditional Small White Kitchen Design with Classic Pendant Lights
Tiny Kitchen Design with Island and Two Pendant Lights Above
Small Open Floor Kitchen with Double Pendant Lights over Island
Small Kitchen Track Cathedral Lighting Fixtures

Under cupboard lighting is usually best for task lighting because it is well hidden and stops your shadow obscuring the worktop. The latest LED products have less heat output, which saves money and prevents cupboards and food becoming too warm.

Small Kitchen Mini Glass Pendant Light Idea
Small Kitchen Illuminated with Recessed Tray Ceiling Lighting
Small Kitchen Design with Large Drum Pendant Light
Recessed Ceiling Lighting for Small Kitchen
Modern Small Kitchen with Large Recessed LED Lighting
Linear Chandelier Lighting over Kitchen Island for Small Kitchen
Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Design for Small Kitchen
Kitchen Cabinet Accent Lighting Idea for Small Kitchen
Halogen Pendant Lighting Fixtures for Small Kitchen
Creative Kitchen Track Lighting Fixture for Small Kitchen
Combining Track Lighting and Pendant Lighting for Small Kitchen
Clear Glass Globe Pendant Lighting for Small Kitchen