The light brown color can be very appropriate for a feng shui kitchen.

Because it turns out this color provides a very natural and beautiful concept for the kitchen.

The light brown color is also warm so that makes everyone who comes to the kitchen more comfortable.

This color can also be a very good choice because it will make the cooking process better because it does not feel saturated and tired.

This tile color choice can be combined with old wood colors for the kitchen table, kitchen set, and other color elements.

For those of you who have a patient personality, are steadfast in your opinion, are responsible, and have high ideals, brown is the color that suits you.

Fascinating Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Picture You Must Have
Fascinating Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Picture You Must Have

Brown Kitchen Floor Ideas

Tile with brown color can create a comfortable and sweet impression.

You can get the brown tile color from granite, marble, and other types of tiles.

The use of brown on the kitchen floor can create a warm impression on your kitchen.

Dark brown or between 1 to 2 tones below the light brown color can also be a very appropriate choice.

The color of this floor can make the kitchen feel more spacious and comfortable.

Especially if you choose the size of tiles that are not too small. For a combination of kitchen set and kitchen table colors, you can choose a combination of metal colors.

However, this kitchen floor color model should be specifically for the kitchen of an older couple.

Black or dark brown flooring is a pointer that influences the choice of packaging and hearing aids.

To make things look fun, “melodies” between one another, it is necessary to use contrast rules, trying to minimize space by adding different depths.

The shape of the floor plays an important role in how the overall space of your kitchen will look. Modern materials allow you to achieve almost anything visual.

Their thirsty barriers and humidity obstacles increase each year.

The shape of the floor for the kitchen plays an important role in how the interior of the cubicle will look after repair.

In fact, small granules need to be taken, whether the choice of materials, colors, and other main parameters.

Making your own floor has a number of pluses and minuses, which will be discussed in more detail below.

In the kitchen, the coating must be good for the feet, non-slip, and thirst resistant, able to withstand the increased load characteristics of this type of cubicle.

Beautiful flooring is another important requirement for selected materials.

Feng Shui in brown color

The color brown in Feng Shui principles is associated with wisdom and the passing of good things.

Those of you who want to live a life full of positive energy and luck are very suitable for this color.

The presence of brown tiles in your kitchen will also help you cook with positive energy.

The brown color is very suitable to be applied to rooms that require concentration, such as workspaces, study rooms, and kitchens.

Because for a housewife, cooking requires high concentration so that the delicious taste is awake.

Retro Style Kitchen With Brown Granite Kitchen Floor

Want a classic retro design in your kitchen? Try applying granite kitchen tiles with cork motifs.

Choose granite in dark brown and light brown.

Then install them alternately like a chessboard. Use wood material on the dining table and kitchen chairs to add a classic impression.

Even though it is classic, this combination can be suitable in today’s modern era.

This kitchen tile is also suitable for your small kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Floor Motifs that you should know

Choosing tile motifs is not an easy matter. For that, we will provide general instructions, tile motifs that exist today, and maybe it could be one of the motifs you want.

The tile motifs are:

1. Natural Stone Tile Motif.

Tiles have various motifs of natural stone patterns, such as marble, granite, andesite, limestone, sandstone, etc.

2. Wood Tile Motif.

Tile has various wood patterns, such as maple, teak, pine, used wood, etc.

3. Talavera Tile Motif.

This tile is inspired by Talavera tiles, which are tiles from Mexico that are closely related to vintage and retro nuances.

4. Geometric Tile Motif.

This type of tile has a motif of geometric shapes, such as hexagonal, triangle, pentagonal, circle, rhombus, etc.

5. Mosaic Tile Motif.

This type of tile is usually a tile with a geometric shape motif that is very small in size.

6. Terrazzo Tile Motif.

Tiles whose surface has a motif of marble, granite, glass, andesite, etc.

Eye Catchy Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Photo You Must Have
Eye Catchy Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Photo You Must Have
Washable Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Design Picture from Ebay
Washable Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Design Picture from Ebay
Appealing Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Idea You will Like
Appealing Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Idea You will Like
Appealing Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Idea You will Like
Appealing Brown Kitchen Floor Tile Idea You will Like

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