The ceiling is a component that functions as a divider for the height of a room.

The ceiling is known to protect the kitchen from leaks.

But that doesn’t stop there, the ceiling is also able to add to the aesthetics of the kitchen, you know.

Especially now that there are so many various minimalist ceiling models.

Generally, modern ceiling models are made simple and multifunctional.

Those of you who crave a kitchen with a minimalist concept can try applying this minimalist ceiling model when building a kitchen in a modern home.

Enchanting Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Idea Image from Pinterest
Enchanting Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Idea Image from Pinterest

Like space, the ceiling design in the kitchen must present the impression of a beautiful and spacious residence.

Although it seems that it is rarely seen because it is placed on top, the ceiling must have a design that is in tune with the kitchen concept.

Sometimes, people forget the ceiling design for that reason, even though a good design will give a better impression to the kitchen.

For example, making the kitchen look taller or wider, giving more space for air exchange so that it is cooler, and even adds lighting to the kitchen.

For maximum kitchen style, we will discuss the functions and tips for installing a kitchen ceiling here!

The ceiling is an important part of the upper interior

Occupying the top position in the interior, the ceiling has now become an important part of your residential design.

Not surprisingly, the functions and materials continue to evolve, making it easier for you to adapt these elements to the overall design of the residence.

These various types of materials also make it easier for residents to design a ceiling in their kitchen.

Apart from the functional side, the ceiling can also be part of the kitchen decoration. With a good choice of materials and designs, of course, it will add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Moreover, the ceiling is a part of the kitchen that is clearly visible. So, a nice and neat design will add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Ceiling Function

The ceiling is a cover that is several meters below the roof frame.

Basically, its main function is to cover the inner roof of the kitchen, so as to prevent the entry of weather elements directly into the kitchen, such as rain or hot sun.

In addition, the ceiling also serves to hide cables and electrical installations.

Without ceilings, these things will stand out and make the interior look untidy and uncomfortable.

Another function is to protect the room from falling dirt or material from the roof, as well as to prevent the entry of disturbing animals, such as rats.

Sometimes, the part between the roof and ceiling can also be used as an attic, which can be used as a warehouse and even a bird’s nest.

Tips for Installing a Good and Correct Ceiling

High and low ceilings can determine the atmosphere in the kitchen, which is becoming cooler or stuffy.

So that the existence of a ceiling can help bring a cool atmosphere in the kitchen, consider the following tips for installing a good ceiling;

1. Make sure the roof is not leaking so that when it rains, water does not damage the ceiling. You can check for leaks by pouring water on the roof to see if there is a leak or not.
2. Make sure your kitchen ceiling is installed by experts so that the ceiling is installed correctly and strong, so as not to harm the occupants of the kitchen.
3. Install the ceiling support firmly to prevent the ceiling from collapsing in the future.

Stylish Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Image You Must Have
Stylish Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Image You Must Have
Picturesque Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Idea Picture You will Like
Picturesque Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Idea Picture You will Like

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