The kitchen is usually always in a moist or wet state when cleaning, including walls, so the kitchen wall wallpaper must be waterproof.

In the process of cooking, the walls often find splashes of fat, oil, juice, and other small things that can adversely affect the kitchen wall coatings, when properly selected materials for finishing, often forcing the owner to design new repairs or replace wallpapers.

The waterproof wallpaper can be gently rubbed with a soft cloth or wet sponge, without using detergent on the contaminated area.

While washable wallpaper can also withstand wet cleaning, but with the addition of special detergents. Even brushed though.

An important indicator of the quality of kitchen wallpaper is density, which is directly related to the strength and durability of wall finishing.

In addition, higher density wallpaper, smaller pores in it, which do not easily store dirt.

Popular Modern Kitchen Wallpaper Idea Picture You Must Have
Popular Modern Kitchen Wallpaper Idea Picture You Must Have

Wallpaper for kitchens must have a high resistance to light, that is, to be resistant to fading in the sun, if not the wallpaper will quickly turn yellow, losing its attractive appearance.

This will affect not only the aesthetics of the room but also makes it impossible to rearrange the furniture without repairing the walls.

Another important parameter – steam permeability, which the kitchen wall always dries quickly, which has a hot effect on the climate of the room.

Choosing a kitchen wall mural, it is recommended to give priority to the type of wallpaper that is suitable for several colors.

Choosing wallpapers in the kitchen, be sure to pay attention to the item label: the “wave” icon indicates a waterproof material, and the “brush wave” refers to resistance to mechanical damage.

Large graphics visually reduce room size. Small numbers, by contrast, make the room look bigger than it really is.

Geometric patterns on the kitchen wall in the form of intersecting like a folded ribbon, creating the illusion of continuous space.

Vertical images “cause” visual on the ceiling to “increase” the height of the room.

The pattern of horizontal and vertical lines on the wallpaper “expands” the kitchen, at the same time reducing the impression of the height of the room.

Diagonal lines on the wallpaper in