The concept of open space, or also commonly called the open floor, had become a trend and was widely adopted in many contemporary residential models.

The concept of design and architecture is also very commonly used in small houses.

The concept of open space is very fitting and appropriate for those who want a more relaxed atmosphere and are able to increase interaction between fellow residents.

However, there are a number of things that must be sacrificed by deciding to use this concept.

One of them is privacy.

Top Kitchen Open Concept Idea Photo from Houzz
Top Kitchen Open Concept Idea Photo from Houzz

Open floor plans have a chance to look and are widely used by homeowners and designers and architects to get around a small room.

He is considered capable of giving a broad impression.

Open space is the best option to get space utility without sacrificing aesthetics.

This open-plan design is a design that is designed for people who like the design of a small house without insulation.

Removing walls and even doors are believed to make the impression of cramped in the house to be reduced.

If you are still worried about how to realize this open-plan design, consider the following open concept kitchen ideas!

What kind of space can be combined in the open plan concept?

Generally, the space is public with almost the same or interconnected activities, for example:

1. Open Kitchen with dining area

Although they differ in function, the kitchen and dining room are common spaces put together through this concept because of their related activities.

A kitchen table or kitchen island can be a separator of these two spaces.

2. Open dining room with family room

The dining room and family room are also common if put together in one large room.

To distinguish them, usually seen from the grouping of furniture according to function.

For example, the sofa and carpet that you often encounter in the family area, while in the dining area there are tables and chairs to eat.

3. Open kitchen with dining room and family room

You can also know, combining three spaces at once.

The division aside from grouping furniture types can also be determined by giving a difference to the floor.

For example, the level of the floor is different, or the color/material is different.

Anyway, the texture on the wall or ceiling can also give the effect of space division.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open Kitchen Concept

Open kitchen designs have recently been widely applied in contemporary homes.

Open kitchens are usually placed together without a massive partition with other rooms.

For example, the kitchen and dining room, or the kitchen and backyard.

This kitchen design is suitable for those of you who want a more spacious atmosphere when cooking in the kitchen.

There are several things that need to be considered before deciding to implement an open kitchen design.

Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of an open kitchen for your consideration.

Pros: More space to move

The kitchen that blends with other spaces will make the size wider.

That way activities in the kitchen will be freer.

You can easily place the cooked dishes on the dining table without having to move rooms through the divider.

Likewise, when you want to put dirty tableware back into the kitchen after eating together.

Cons: The aroma of cooking spreads to other rooms

The smoke and aroma of cooking will easily spread to other rooms.

This will certainly be annoying if the kitchen is directly connected to rooms such as the living room and family room.

To anticipate this, you can use the cooker hood so that the smoke and aroma of cooking can be directly sucked in while cooking.

Pros: Air circulation is smoother

Open kitchens are usually equipped with large windows or openings to the room or garden.

That way air and sunlight can enter freely.

Good air and light circulation will keep the kitchen away from dampness and odors.

Weaknesses: Risk of being infested by pests

This risk occurs especially in open kitchens that are attached to the backyard.

Rats and cockroaches can be annoying if the kitchen is not properly maintained.

When it rains, earthworms in the yard can also climb into the kitchen if the kitchen floor is too close to the yard.

For that, you need to store food and groceries in a closed place, immediately throw trash elsewhere, and ensure there is enough distance between the kitchen and the garden so that pests from the garden can be repelled.

Pros: A warmer family atmosphere

The open kitchen design that blends with other spaces will facilitate communication between residents who are in the kitchen and those in other rooms.

A room without a massive partition certainly gives a deeper sense of togetherness.

Family members can also comfortably help other family members who are cooking in the kitchen.

Weaknesses: The kitchen has the risk of getting dirty quickly

Open kitchens get dirty relatively quickly because outside dust can easily enter the kitchen.

The risk of getting dirty can also occur due to the pouring of rainwater during the rainy season.

You can prevent this by installing a roof or a canopy that adequately covers the border area between the kitchen and the garden.

Pros: More practical

You can use one piece of furniture for two-room functions.

For example, by merging the kitchen island function to prepare food and serve food.

An open kitchen also does not require a massive partition to divide the space.

Without insulation, of course, you can save quite a lot of your budget.

Disadvantages: Requires extra care

When it comes to cleanliness, having an open kitchen means that you are ready to clean it regularly.

Because if the kitchen is left dirty, it is certainly unsightly, especially when the kitchen can be seen from other rooms.

The risk of rust on cookware that is left dirty and dusted for a long time is also lurking.

Therefore, regularly clean the kitchen and make sure it is always dry when not in use.

Top Kitchen Open Concept Design Idea from Houzz
Top Kitchen Open Concept Design Idea from Houzz
Creative Kitchen Open Concept Design Photo from Houzz
Creative Kitchen Open Concept Design Photo from Houzz
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