27 Best Outdoor Kitchens with Smoker

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Smoker grills cook the meat over low heat for several hours over aromatic wood chips for tenderly flavored meat. The woods most commonly used for smokers include maple, hickory, mesquite, oak, and hazelnut. Smokers are best suited for tough cuts of meat that slowly softens when in a smoker. Meats like brisket and ribs are […]

Outdoor Kitchen Island with Sink (21 Images)

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An outdoor kitchen island can add a lovely atmosphere of sophistication to your outdoor kitchen. Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you can’t have all the luxury of indoor cooking space. If you want an outdoor space to entertain that is elegant and functional for a large group of people, then you really need […]

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens on Decks [14 Images]

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An outdoor kitchen that is built on the deck of the house and blends into the garden will make cooking more relaxing. The aroma of cooking that is being made will also not spread throughout the room in the house if you don’t have a cooker hood or kitchen vacuum cleaner. Having a kitchen in […]

36 Popular Outdoor Kitchen Patio Design Pictures

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The outdoor kitchen is designed in the patio area on the backside of the house which borders the back garden without any partitions or room dividers. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the minimalist-sized backyard patio of the house to put a dining table complete with chairs. The dining table with accents extending horizontally fits […]

21 Best Outdoor Kitchen on Wood Deck

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A popular area or spot for the outdoor kitchen is on the wood deck, where it’s easy to access and a concentrated outdoor space that’s great for cooking or gathering for a cocktail hour with family and friends. Floors are a common dining and gathering area as part of the home’s outdoor living space and […]

26 Best Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola Ideas

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Now, enjoying the fresh air in an outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be afraid of being exposed to the hot sun. The outdoor kitchen design with a pergola can be one of the best solutions to keep out the hot sun. In addition, a kitchen pergola with a beautiful design is part of the exterior […]

31 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven Ideas

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Outdoor kitchens can be made simple or complex according to taste and budget allows. A sink, countertop, and barbecue grill are the basic features that are common in outdoor kitchens. While under-countertops fridges, kitchen storage drawers, a bar set, and washbasin are common features and are specially designed for outdoor use. Pizza ovens are also […]

32 Best Outdoor Kitchen with Green Egg Ideas

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Combining proprietary operations and proprietary technology, Big Green Egg is stronger, more durable, and better insulated than any other outdoor cooker on the market. That’s why Big Green Egg is the leader in outdoor kitchens and is used by hundreds of award-winning chefs around the world. Kamado-style ceramic fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular due to […]

32 Beautiful L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Designs We’re Love

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The L-shaped outdoor kitchen is the most popular outdoor kitchen layout design because it can easily implement into your existing outdoor area such as the backyard is scalable in terms of size and cost. If you have a smaller space, an L-shaped kitchen can subtly fit in a corner without blocking backyard functions or taking […]

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Designs

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The outdoor kitchen and bar are very efficient, why? Because the area of ​​the yard used is not too large and the furniture or equipment used is not too much. The layout is usually in the outer yard of the house close to the kitchen window which is inside the house which functions as a […]

Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Ideas

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Modern and functional use of your backyard area is to create an outdoor kitchen with a bar with the best features of an indoor kitchen where you can relax, have to enjoy, and have fun. Not only does it improve the overall appeal of your property, but it also improves the financial value and jobs. […]