36 Popular Outdoor Kitchen Patio Design Pictures

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The outdoor kitchen is designed in the patio area on the backside of the house which borders the back garden without any partitions or room dividers. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the minimalist-sized backyard patio of the house to put a dining table complete with chairs. The dining table with accents extending horizontally fits […]

32 Beautiful L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Designs We’re Love

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The L-shaped outdoor kitchen is the most popular outdoor kitchen layout design because it can easily implement into your existing outdoor area such as the backyard is scalable in terms of size and cost. If you have a smaller space, an L-shaped kitchen can subtly fit in a corner without blocking backyard functions or taking […]

Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Ideas

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Modern and functional use of your backyard area is to create an outdoor kitchen with a bar with the best features of an indoor kitchen where you can relax, have to enjoy, and have fun. Not only does it improve the overall appeal of your property, but it also improves the financial value and jobs. […]

16 Best Outdoor Kitchen Porch Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Outdoor Kitchens

When cooking in the kitchen, sometimes the smoke will be steaming and make the whole kitchen become sowed. In fact, you have installed a smoke suction right on the stove, but the result is less maximum. To overcome this, you can try out the concept of outdoor kitchen design built behind the porch of your […]

U Shaped BBQ Island Design Ideas (17 Images)

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Many homeowners design their outdoor kitchens just by making u shaped BBQ Island. This is because u-shaped outdoor kitchens are fast-food kitchens that are only used for cooking fast food. This island has three sides, each of which has different functions (depends on needs). Having an outdoor kitchen must have the mandatory requirements first, namely […]

U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Designs

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Outdoor kitchen design should make it easier for us to do mobility. For that, U-shaped outdoor kitchen designs are the right choice! It allowed everyone who was there to have high mobility without a hitch. Before building an outdoor kitchen, you should consider various aspects. These include the construction site, materials, tools, and furniture needed, […]