Red Tiles for Kitchen Floor

Posted 8 months ago by Diana in Flooring Ideas

Striking floor tiles can give the kitchen a modern, futuristic interior concept. By choosing a large red floor tile, it is very suitable to make the kitchen feel freer. Visually, the large floor tiles also appear a more classy touch, especially if the lines between the red floor tiles are tried so that they are […]

6 Popular Kitchen Floor Tiles Advice

Posted 11 months ago by Diana in Flooring Ideas

It may seem trivial, but in its function, the kitchen floor is very important for aesthetics and safety. Choosing the right type of kitchen floor can also give a maximum impression to the room. It’s best to choose a kitchen floor that’s textured and not too shiny. A kitchen is an important place for you […]

Brick Tile Kitchen Floor Ideas

Posted 3 years ago by michele in Flooring Ideas

The brick tile kitchen floor is very unique. The texture makes the kitchen look vintages style with lots of historical value. This brick is perfect for those of you who like antiques where you can extend “old” kitchen utensils on the wall. It feels odd if a house does not have a kitchen. Apart from […]