24 Latest Open Modular Kitchen Designs

Posted 7 months ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

The open kitchen concept is often chosen for those who have minimalist occupancy. The choice of this concept is not without reason. A concept like this can indeed make a house feel wider and also seem spacious. That way, your activities while cooking will feel fun, comfortable, and not stuffy. The open kitchen concept is […]

22 Beautiful Open Kitchen Interior Designs

Posted 8 months ago by michele in Interior Layouts

Creating a kitchen design that has an open interior concept can be a challenge and a separate choice in order to create a more varied and dynamic appearance of space. Moreover, an open kitchen can be a medium to get rid of boredom when making dishes in a closed kitchen because it has a very […]

32 Best Open Plan Kitchen Diner Ideas

Posted 8 months ago by michele in Interior Layouts

An open diner kitchen can be very convenient as it means there are no walls or doors in your way when it’s time to serve food. It’s also useful if you love throwing dinner parties, as it means you can be the perfect host without missing any of the fun, and of course, you can […]

38 Beautiful Open Kitchens for Small Houses

Posted 10 months ago by michele in Interior Layouts

Open kitchen designs are booming lately, especially for small houses. The open concept kitchen is a solution for utilizing minimal land to make a kitchen that connects directly with the garden. The open kitchen model is increasingly favored by Indonesians due to the increasing property prices in Indonesia. Developers rack their brains to keep providing […]

17 Best Open Kitchen Design for Small House

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Interior Layouts

Open space design is an interior design that prioritizes areas without insulation. Generally, open space that is put together, namely, family room, dining room, and kitchen. In today’s dynamic era, open space type house designs are increasingly popular. Because of its open nature, open space allows your home to look wider than the original. Open […]

35 Best Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Small Space

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Interior Layouts

Your house is small and crowded? You might need to try the open-plan interior concept that unites the kitchen with the family room and living room. The concept that is suitable for use in this minimalist home is even possible to not provide insulation at all in the house. Space without insulation will certainly make […]

15 Best Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Designs

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Interior Layouts

Maybe you have a small or large space in the house, but considering the dining room, living room, and kitchen in one room can be a difficult task. We may often see a house where the kitchen space is combined with a dining room or living room that is typical for people who live alone […]

Open Concept Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Interior Layouts

Actually not only a small house that can apply the concept of an open concept kitchen, dining room, and living room that is bound together without limits. If you have enough land in your house, of course, you can create your own kitchen and living room that is integrated into your house. Usually, a house […]

18 Beautiful Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Ideas

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Interior Layouts

If you are still hesitant to function in the kitchen as a living room at once, the following ideas are worth a try. Take advantage of the glass wall to separate your living room and your kitchen. In this way, even though separate, your living room and kitchen as if still united. Lately, home design […]

How to Design an Open Kitchen?

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Interior Layouts

Are you bored with the “interior” concept of your kitchen? Why not change your kitchen with the open design concept, aka an open kitchen? This open kitchen design is fairly popular used by many restaurants and cafes to attract customers who come, but now many modern homes are applying this concept. Are you bored with […]

L-Shaped Breakfast Bar Table Ideas – 18 Images

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Bars

L-shaped breakfast bar table has two types, namely a single tier and double tier. Single-tier breakfast bar designed that only has one function that is really as a breakfast bar. Small house sometimes forces their owner to combine the dining room with the kitchen. The problem that then arises is that a small kitchen will […]

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs with Island

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L-shaped kitchen designs with an island are the perfect layout for getting a work triangle. The kitchen island is an area for serving and cooking preparation. Mobility becomes lighter because you just have to turn your body. When you first design a house, don’t miss the kitchen design properly. Because the kitchen is one of […]

Small L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas (32 Images)

Posted 3 years ago by michele in Interior Layouts

Small L-shaped kitchen ideas are the perfect practical solution for small houses or simple apartments. This L-shaped kitchen layout aims to maximize space. This allows you to use the kitchen space more effectively and efficiently. Having a small kitchen space is often a problem so it requires the right design so that all areas can […]