15 Beautiful Oak Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Posted 10 months ago by abigail in Cabinets

How do you paint a new oak cabinet? Then how can this new coat of paint last longer? You can find all the secrets of painting and care for oak wood cabinets in this article! Anyone who is looking for wooden cabinets must have the main reference for cabinets that use oak. If you want […]

24 Red Oak Kitchen Cabinet Photos

Posted 1 year ago by michele in Cabinets

Red oak kitchen cabinets spilled into the mainstream for good reason. They have an attractive design, withstand the test of time, and are surprised. Get your hands on the oak closet doors and you’re wondering why it took so long to invest in this kitchen upgrade. Oak is considered a “family-friendly” wood due to its […]

Dark Oak Wood Kitchen Cabinets (22 Best Images)

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With the trend of modern decor on the rise, dark oak kitchen cabinets were on the rise. While many dark oak cabinets are quickly ignored to avoid the dark environment, darker colors have many functional finishes that are well suited to any subject you can think of. Dark colors can transform any kitchen space into […]