6 Popular Kitchen Floor Tiles Advice

Posted 8 months ago by Diana in Flooring Ideas

It may seem trivial, but in its function, the kitchen floor is very important for aesthetics and safety. Choosing the right type of kitchen floor can also give a maximum impression to the room. It’s best to choose a kitchen floor that’s textured and not too shiny. A kitchen is an important place for you […]

26 Kitchen Floor Tiles Textures Must Have

Posted 12 months ago by Diana in Flooring Ideas

When choosing kitchen floor tiles, you should not only emphasize the design and color but also their good quality. This is because the floor must be strong with weight and anti-scratch. In addition, the texture of the floor used must also provide comfort for the feet of people passing on it. When choosing kitchen floor […]

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring – 18 Popular Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Flooring Ideas

Vinyl flooring is a great way to change the appearance of a kitchen without spending a fortune. The process is fairly simple and easy for beginners, so that makes it an option or a good choice for your kitchen floor. The material is most resistant to water, making it suitable for use in wet and […]

18 Best Slate Kitchen Floor Tiles

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Flooring Ideas

There are many reasons to choose slate for your kitchen floor or wall. This material is able to make the room look natural and cool and its properties are durable. The charm of slate is indeed very beautiful, the placement of stones and also the right stone pattern will display a cool natural atmosphere in […]

14 Best Laminate Kitchen Floor Tiles

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Flooring Ideas

Laminate Flooring is known as an alternative to solid wood floors because of its lower price, scratch-resistant, and easier care. Before buying laminated flooring, here are some tips for choosing the perfect laminate flooring. With these advantages, this floor is suitable for your kitchen that produces a lot of dirt. Laminate flooring is a new […]