32 Best Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas Pictures

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Cabinets

A gray kitchen cabinet sets can be combined with chandeliers and white countertops as well as white walls with a simple design. It is suitable for kitchens with small or large sizes. Gray, although often categorized as too “cold”, but with the right shade, can work really well in a kitchen area. Gray pairs well […]

20 Elegant Gray and White Patterned Kitchen Countertops

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Countertops, Interior Layouts

The countertop is one of the kitchen elements that have an important role in a kitchen interior decoration. Countertop serves as a base for preparing food ingredients and putting cooking utensils such as herbs or blenders. In previous years, a popular material for kitchen countertops was granite. However, in 2020 the popularity of quartz material […]

39 Popular Gray and White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Interior Layouts

If you already have a lot of gray and white in the kitchen, navy is a great option for painting cabinets. It can be best used on several cabinets instead of all, but it can be a fun accent and approach. This is definitely not for everyone and most likely not so popular after 5 […]

29 Stylish Gray and White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Interior Layouts

The gray color that is close to white can also be made attractive in this one design. Of course, the kitchen looks brighter. Coupled with the lighting under the open storage shelves. The right light will certainly make the kitchen feel more reassuring. Gray and white are starting to be popular as colors that look […]

Blue-Gray Kitchen Paint Colors

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Wall

The gray color combined with blue equipment will provide a futuristic atmosphere in the kitchen. However, this neutral kitchen paint color is also suitable combined with other colors such as black and white. Besides being a futuristic impression, the gray color also displays elegance but still simple. Gray has dominated the choice of favorite minimalist […]

Yellow and Gray Kitchen Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

If usually the yellow color is actually avoided on residential paint, but it never hurts you to try to apply yellow in the kitchen area. The presence of yellow actually makes the kitchen more alive. That way, your kitchen will be brighter, you know. You can give it a gray color so it is not […]

12 Beautiful Blue and Yellow Kitchens

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

Yellow and blue are two colors that are rarely used in combination in interiors because they collide so much. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t combine the two in the kitchen interior. Neutral colors are a middle ground so that both blue and yellow can work well together. With the dominance of neutral colors like […]