18 Best Small U-Shaped Kitchens

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

Interior designers have been relying on circular patterns to produce spaces that have a balanced element. The U-shaped kitchen layout was chosen because it is able to present an atmosphere of openness that allows everyone in the kitchen to have high mobility. In addition, the U-shaped kitchen is very flexible because of the availability of […]

Inspiring Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Flooring Ideas

Ceramics are certainly the most practical kitchen floor material and are most widely used by many homeowners. Apart from being relatively affordable, this material has excellent resistance to water and is often equipped with a stain-resistant coating. There are many ways to create a comfortable and impressive looking kitchen space. Creating such a unique space […]

Brick Tile Kitchen Floor Ideas

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The brick tile kitchen floor is very unique. The texture makes the kitchen look vintages style with lots of historical value. This brick is perfect for those of you who like antiques where you can extend “old” kitchen utensils on the wall. It feels odd if a house does not have a kitchen. Apart from […]

Kitchen Floor Plan Ideas

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Many kitchen floor plan ideas are given perfectly here. Starting from wood floors, ceramics, tiles to materials that you can choose for your kitchen floor plan. Wooden kitchen floor plans are a favorite design for people today. Floors are used for every room in your home, of course. The living room, dining room, bedroom, and […]

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs with Island

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L-shaped kitchen designs with an island are the perfect layout for getting a work triangle. The kitchen island is an area for serving and cooking preparation. Mobility becomes lighter because you just have to turn your body. When you first design a house, don’t miss the kitchen design properly. Because the kitchen is one of […]

Small L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas (32 Images)

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Small L-shaped kitchen ideas are the perfect practical solution for small houses or simple apartments. This L-shaped kitchen layout aims to maximize space. This allows you to use the kitchen space more effectively and efficiently. Having a small kitchen space is often a problem so it requires the right design so that all areas can […]

35 Best Kitchen Paint Colors You’ll Love!

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To get the best kitchen paint colors is not only focused on the walls but also the overall details of the kitchen such as kitchen sets and furniture. When choosing kitchen paint colors, you will usually be advised to choose certain colors. As a room that has an important function, the comfort of the kitchen […]

U-Shaped Kitchen with Island Layout

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If your u-shaped kitchen is enough to put a kitchen island on, then we suggest you put a suitable kitchen island there. This kitchen island will be one of the working triangle elements in a u-shaped kitchen because it makes it easier for us when doing mobility while cooking. The U-shaped kitchen is able to […]