Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens on Decks [14 Images]

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An outdoor kitchen that is built on the deck of the house and blends into the garden will make cooking more relaxing. The aroma of cooking that is being made will also not spread throughout the room in the house if you don’t have a cooker hood or kitchen vacuum cleaner. Having a kitchen in […]

21 Best Outdoor Kitchen on Wood Deck

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A popular area or spot for the outdoor kitchen is on the wood deck, where it’s easy to access and a concentrated outdoor space that’s great for cooking or gathering for a cocktail hour with family and friends. Floors are a common dining and gathering area as part of the home’s outdoor living space and […]

14 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen on Deck Ideas

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The over-deck outdoor kitchen is indeed a fairly markedly trending moment, as it offers several advantages as well as a striking distinction compared to the indoor white kitchen design. One of them is the design of an outdoor kitchen above the deck that can make family members make food while enjoying the scenery around while […]

16 Best Outdoor Kitchen Porch Ideas

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When cooking in the kitchen, sometimes the smoke will be steaming and make the whole kitchen become sowed. In fact, you have installed a smoke suction right on the stove, but the result is less maximum. To overcome this, you can try out the concept of outdoor kitchen design built behind the porch of your […]

Outdoor Patio Kitchen Designs

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This outdoor patio kitchen design is intended for those of you who want to have an open kitchen space. By allocating it to the patio space of the backyard, of course, your desire to have an open kitchen space design can be realized. You only need to make one corner of your backyard to be […]

15 Outdoor Kitchen Designs on Wood Deck

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Of course, it takes a long process to utilize the outdoor kitchen area as our home development, meet the needs of outdoor seating, and the right place to mingle while enjoying the warmth of the sun in a cool and comfortable room. In recent years, outdoor spaces often resemble more of a closed area behind […]