22 Farmhouse-Concept Kitchen Open Shelving

Posted 4 months ago by Diana in Storage Solutions

One of the most popular kitchen storage styles is the open shelving kitchen. Kitchens with this storage design generally display a variety of kitchen utensils by hanging on the kitchen wall or placing furniture on a shelf on the wall. If generally the shelves in the kitchen are closed to protect the items or equipment […]

Kitchen Open Shelving Units

Posted 6 months ago by Diana in Cabinets, Storage Solutions

Open shelves in the kitchen can create the impression of a clean and spacious kitchen. Instead of using closed wall shelves to make the house look tidier, this kitchen uses hanging open shelves. With this shelf design, you can also find it easier to find various equipment stored in it because everything is clearly visible. […]

35 Smart Open Shelves Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted 7 months ago by michele in Storage Solutions

Open shelves are simple storage spaces that make it easier and at the same time enhance the appearance of the kitchen in your home. Today, open shelves are a common choice in modern households, rather than closed kitchen cabinets. Open shelves not only give your kitchen a chic and eclectic atmosphere but are also an […]

19 Creative Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

Posted 8 months ago by Diana in Storage Solutions

If you need practical and cost-effective storage space, an open kitchen shelf model can be the right choice. What’s more, if your kitchen is tiny. Not only that, but the open shelf model can also be an accent that will make your minimalist kitchen look more attractive. If you need practical and cost-effective storage space, […]

Storage Shelves with Baskets (28 Ideas)

Posted 3 years ago by abigail in Storage Solutions

It is not uncommon that the pantry, sideboard, and open shelves have storage areas that use baskets. Rattan baskets are now back into a trend storage organization. This basket can be used to store potatoes, onions, and more. Shelves and storage cabinets are one of the most popular topics in kitchen design ideas. We often […]

Kitchen Shelf under Cabinet (17 Pictures)

Posted 3 years ago by abigail in Storage Solutions

Kitchen shelf under cabinet is a very effective idea to reduce the storage of goods in a cabinet. This rack is more specifically often useful for placing the most frequently used necessities when cooking such as seasonings. This shelf has a box that sticks to the wall and then the spice jar is placed there. […]