Kitchen Wallpaper Borders

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Today, luxury kitchen wallpaper borders are available that help you design your kitchen and give it a beautiful, elegant, and preserved look. You can experiment with colors, patterns, and a variety of designs to make your kitchen space bright and beautiful. There are different types of homes and different types of rooms in a house. […]

27 Best Yellow Striped Kitchen Wallpaper Designs

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Using light yellow on the kitchen wall is a good choice because yellow can create a pleasant atmosphere. Our mood can also be more cheerful. Its bright color can also help provide encouragement when you wake up in the morning. Yellow can also visually increase the dimensions of the room, making it good for small […]

33 Delicate Beautiful Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Wallpapers

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Duck egg blue is a refreshing color choice for the kitchen. This color nuance can be presented through kitchen furniture. Among the kitchen cabinet doors, tables, and chairs. You can combine it with white to get the impression of a spacious kitchen. In addition, a collection of kitchen equipment with duck egg blue gradations will […]

Aqua Wallpapers for Kitchen (Aqua Blue Wallpaper)

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With the freshness and calm feeling associated with shades of dark blue and aqua, these two favorites have made a great renaissance in the home decor industry. Gender-neutral shades with a mix of cool colors like teal, silver, or gray are very popular with couples and families as the deal is often easily found as […]

Cream Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

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Did you prepare a new kitchen? But you are not sure what color you are designing? In such cases, one’s taste plays a major role. However, it is said that the kitchen looks better in some colors than others. This cream color is suitable for kitchen design colors because the kitchen is neutral and elegant […]

Kitchen Wallpapers – Grey Textured Wallpapers (37 Images)

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Grey can create an atmosphere or a cold impression. Your mind will become more relaxed. Therefore, this kitchen wallpaper design with grey domination is recommended for you. In order not to look too monotonous and excessively cold, choose a grey kitchen wallpaper with bright colored strokes such as marble. This pattern can create a more […]

Dashing Red Wallpapers for Kitchens

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Adding red to the kitchen and dining room can make a simple paint color more cheerful. The red color is believed to be most suitable for a room that is used together because it can provoke conversation. The red interior is one of the most popular choices, especially for people who want an energy-filled atmosphere […]

Yellow Wallpaper Ideas for Kitchen

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A report from Zillow Digs said that houses with yellow kitchens sold at more expensive prices than white ones. If using a yellow house paint color for the kitchen feels excessive, you can outsmart by using this color for furniture and such as cabinets and dining table cloths for example. Yellow gives the meaning of […]

20 Charming Purple Kitchen Walls

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For those of you who want a kitchen with a more feminine look, the following purple kitchen inspiration can be your best reference. The kitchens here are decorated with purple wallpapers with various motifs such as beautiful floral, writing, kitchen utensils, and some other interesting patterns. The color combination looks very interesting. Purple, a color […]

Luxurious Gold Kitchen Accents

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Although often the dominance of the gold color is used for the bedroom, this color also actually works well in other parts of the house, including the kitchen. In the kitchen, you can align it with a choice of kitchen sets and furniture that accentuates the natural texture of wood. Not many people dare to […]

Beautiful Green Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

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Giving a touch of bright green to the kitchen will certainly give more encouragement while cooking. For a more classic impression, you can choose a darker green color with the addition of antique furniture in your favorite kitchen design. The kitchen is one room that must exist in a house. In the past, the kitchen […]

Red Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

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The red color leaves a cheerful impression that will warm up your days. Meanwhile, the glossy white color seems luxurious. The combination of the two colors is more perfect with a brown striped floor motif. However, do not forget, if you choose the concept of a kitchen like this, you have to take care of […]

Sage Green Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

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Kitchen designs with green wallpapers can be different – tight, fun, or classic. Whatever direction you choose, the interior will delight you and your guests with originality and appeal. Green wallpaper in the kitchen refreshes the room, you want to spend as much time as possible in it. No one can deny that green is […]

25+ Inscribe Blue Wallpaper for Kitchens

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There are many ways to design a blue kitchen, such as using a blue kitchen wallpaper or using a blue kitchen set. In addition, there are also those who use blue ceramic kitchenware to get blue shades in the kitchen. Everyone, especially housewives, would want a comfortable kitchen and look good. Well, this blue kitchen […]

Beautiful Black Wallpaper for Kitchen

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Bored with the look of your current kitchen? Want to do a kitchen interior renovation, but confused about how to start? The easiest option can use elegant black wallpaper which is very effective in making the kitchen interior seem luxurious. Bored with the look of your current kitchen? Want to do a kitchen interior renovation, […]