L Shaped Kitchen with 2 Islands

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Installing an island kitchen can improve the area in many ways. With good planning, even a small kitchen can actually have this model. Even small kitchens can benefit greatly from adopting the kitchen island model. The kitchen is often the heart of a home. Activities that can be done in it are not limited to […]

L Kitchen with Breakfast Counter Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

If in general, an l-shaped kitchen design places the breakfast bar on one side of the kitchen, this one actually places the bar only on the edge. It sounds stingy, but it’s quite unique and doesn’t take up space for mothers who like to cook. L-shaped kitchen design is flexible because it can be used […]

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout with Peninsula

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The kitchen peninsula layout is more flexible and ideal for small kitchen spaces compared to the island kitchen layout. The peninsula can also be used in the kitchen to meet different needs, prepare food, or be limited to an additional dining table. L-shaped kitchen designs are practical and suitable solutions for small spaces. The L-shaped […]

20+ L-Shaped Kitchens with Dining Table

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The first way to get around this small l-shaped kitchen is to combine the function of the kitchen island into a dining table. Adjust the size of the kitchen island dining table according to the needs and number of family members. A round dining table can be the best choice as it is quite flexible. […]

U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

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The U-shaped kitchen is the kitchen that home seekers crave because the design offers so much space for cabinet placement. The U-shaped kitchen places its supporting units on three sides of the room with the fourth side left open as an entrance or access to the family room. This design can be combined with the […]

Modern Kitchen Ceiling Designs

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Modern ceiling models are made simple and multifunctional. Those of you who crave a kitchen with a minimalist concept can try applying this minimalist modern ceiling model when building a kitchen in a modern home. The ceiling is a component that functions as a divider for the height of a room. The ceiling is known […]

Modern Kitchen Wall Arts

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Wall

Modern kitchens are usually dominated with white color to look neat, clean, and simple. To avoid the pale impression, it is worth adding a prominent contrasting color. There is no need for much-much, just one or two colors for certain parts. For example, Fanta pink or red color is applied to storage cabinets, curtains, and […]