27 Creative Very Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted 1 year ago by abigail in Apartment Kitchens

The small kitchen really makes your space limited. However, having a very small kitchen is not an obstacle to being able to be enthusiastic about activities in the kitchen if we can find out the tricks to outsmart it through the right design, even a small kitchen will feel comfortable like a large kitchen. With […]

27 Smart Studio Apartment Kitchen Ideas

Posted 1 year ago by michele in Apartment Kitchens

The most common kitchen position in studio apartments is in the corner because the middle part is filled with the family room or sleeping area which is also mixed together. With its corner position, the kitchen in a studio apartment can be filled with various tiered furniture such as drawers, cabinets, and closet shelves. For […]

18 Creative Small U-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

The u-shaped kitchen layout is the perfect choice for small kitchens with busy households. The u-shaped kitchen design usually consists of three walls which are equipped with cabinets, benchtop, and utensils all joined together to resemble a “U” shape. When you make your kitchen with a u-shaped cabinet, you can move freely in the middle […]

20 Best Small U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

A U-shaped kitchen is suitable for cooking with high efficiency. Activities that occur at this will be more efficient. U-shaped kitchen (also called a C-shaped kitchen) is a perfect expression of the work triangle that we often hear in kitchen design. There are many minimalist kitchen design concepts for small kitchens that are very charming […]

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Small Kitchen

Posted 3 years ago by abigail in Cabinets, Small Kitchens

These kitchen cabinet ideas for a small kitchen will make your small-sized kitchen look bigger and wider with the right color combination of both kitchen cabinet and kitchen wall color scheme. Small-sized kitchens do make your space limited and inhibit your activities in the kitchen, for example, you don’t have certain cooking tools and ingredients […]