24 Beautiful Small L Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

Posted 2 months ago by michele in Kitchen Island

Peninsula is a multifunctional kitchen design that is perfect for your small home. With good planning, it will produce a good small kitchen design too. The kitchen layout is closely related to the comfort of the residents of the house, not only for those who use it but also for those who see it. A […]

L-Shaped Kitchen with Breakfast Counter

Posted 11 months ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

If in general, a minimalist L-shaped kitchen design places the bar table on one side of the kitchen, this one actually places the bar only on the edge. It sounds stingy, but it’s quite unique and doesn’t take up space for mothers who like to cook. The stove area and laundry tub feel wider. L […]

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout with Peninsula

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The kitchen peninsula layout is more flexible and ideal for small kitchen spaces compared to the island kitchen layout. The peninsula can also be used in the kitchen to meet different needs, prepare food, or be limited to an additional dining table. L-shaped kitchen designs are practical and suitable solutions for small spaces. The L-shaped […]

Small U Shaped Kitchen Designs with Peninsula

Posted 12 months ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

Peninsula clings to one side of the kitchen. You can access it from three sides. Peninsula is multifunctional. This structure can be used as a countertop, a place to store food (or kitchen utensils), and can also be used as a practical dining area. If you feel you have limited space but want to have […]

L-Shaped Kitchen with Island Peninsula

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L-shaped kitchen design with a peninsula is more flexible and is very suitable for small kitchen spaces when compared to the island kitchen design. Peninsula in the kitchen can also be used for diverse needs, preparing food, or limited to an additional dining table. The kitchen’s peninsula design can have a very trendy look. Small kitchen […]

17 Beautiful U-Shaped Kitchens with A Peninsula

Posted 12 months ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

An extra countertop is made together with a kitchen set, so it does not require a large area. In the “L” shaped kitchen set, for example, a table can be added to the end, so that the shape becomes like the “U” design. It is this design that often makes people think of the peninsula […]

24 Beautiful Kitchen Peninsula Ideas

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Some call it an island, some are wrong to call it a bar table. The kitchen furniture we will discuss this time is the peninsula. The kitchen peninsula and island are both the addition of a countertop in the kitchen. The difference is, to place an island we need a large area because it stands […]

28 Beautiful Breakfast Bar Ideas for Small Kitchen

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The kitchen bar is very useful for small-space kitchens. This kitchen bar is a barrier between the kitchen and other rooms (living room, dining room, or both). Mostly, this bar is installed in a u-shaped kitchen. The kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but it can also be a place to gather and […]

28 Stylish Kitchen Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

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Kitchen bar ideas small kitchens – These bars are smaller than ordinary bars. Then it is suitable to be placed in every small-sized kitchens. These bars are often used as a kitchen table for arranging food. The benefits of this bar also make small kitchens more efficient. Most small houses force their owners to combine […]