24 Rustic Cherry Wood Cabinets – Kitchen Cabinets

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Cabinets

Want a unique and eccentric kitchen? Rustic cherry kitchen cabinet designs might be a reference. By choosing an exposed material with an old and damaged impression, you can also liven up the industrial and vintage atmosphere in the kitchen. Rustic style is a mixture of classic and rustic decor with vintage touch on a few […]

Rooster Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Wall

Waking up from a rooster call is probably not part of your daily life, but you can try a little lifestyle in that country when you incorporate dialect accents in your kitchen. Start your day preparing breakfast surrounded by classic rustic dishes, such as kitchen curtains or rooster carpets. Tie everything together with the unique […]

15 Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Wall

Not only the appearance of the family room or large space that is suitable to be applied in a rustic style, but the kitchen area is also suitable to be designed with this style. If you plan to renovate your kitchen, maybe the following rustic style can be your inspiration. Rustic design in a residential […]

15 Timeless Rustic Kitchen Wall Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Wall

The first step to start designing rustic-style kitchens is designing the walls. To get a distinctive rustic feel, you can use a coarse-textured brick wall without plaster. Besides bricks, you can also use natural stone as a material for rustic kitchen walls. The use of bricks and natural stone as a wall can give the […]