Unique Kitchen Wall Arts

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Kitchen wall tiles, especially backsplash, must meet fire and water resistance criteria, are easily cleaned from stains, especially oil, and support the overall interior aesthetics of the kitchen. In fact, kitchen wall tiles can be used as a focal point in kitchen design, depending on motifs, colors, patterns, and placement. Just like other rooms in […]

15 Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

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Not only the appearance of the family room or large space that is suitable to be applied in a rustic style, but the kitchen area is also suitable to be designed with this style. If you plan to renovate your kitchen, maybe the following rustic style can be your inspiration. Rustic design in a residential […]

Farmhouse Kitchen Wooden Wall Arts

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Want to have a rustic, warm rustic design kitchen? So the use of wooden wall arts can give that impression. Nuances of wood always give a soothing natural impression in any space, including your minimalist kitchen. Want to change the look of your kitchen interior? No need to bother, you can do kitchen decor with […]

15 Timeless Rustic Kitchen Wall Ideas

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The first step to start designing rustic-style kitchens is designing the walls. To get a distinctive rustic feel, you can use a coarse-textured brick wall without plaster. Besides bricks, you can also use natural stone as a material for rustic kitchen walls. The use of bricks and natural stone as a wall can give the […]

Kitchen Wall Decorations – 13 Beautiful Ideas

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Kitchen wall decorations are all about making it cozy, lively, and personal. Several kitchen walls decorating techniques can help if it is necessary to zone the space, correct some imperfections or mistakes in the interior of the room. For example, curtains and aprons that do not match the color. Walls without decoration will look boring. […]