26 Best Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola Ideas

Posted 8 months ago by michele in Outdoor Kitchens

Now, enjoying the fresh air in an outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be afraid of being exposed to the hot sun. The outdoor kitchen design with a pergola can be one of the best solutions to keep out the hot sun. In addition, a kitchen pergola with a beautiful design is part of the exterior […]

31 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven Ideas

Posted 8 months ago by abigail in Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens can be made simple or complex according to taste and budget allows. A sink, countertop, and barbecue grill are the basic features that are common in outdoor kitchens. While under-countertops fridges, kitchen storage drawers, a bar set, and washbasin are common features and are specially designed for outdoor use. Pizza ovens are also […]

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Designs

Posted 9 months ago by abigail in Outdoor Kitchens

The outdoor kitchen and bar are very efficient, why? Because the area of ​​the yard used is not too large and the furniture or equipment used is not too much. The layout is usually in the outer yard of the house close to the kitchen window which is inside the house which functions as a […]

Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Ideas

Posted 9 months ago by abigail in Outdoor Kitchens

Modern and functional use of your backyard area is to create an outdoor kitchen with a bar with the best features of an indoor kitchen where you can relax, have to enjoy, and have fun. Not only does it improve the overall appeal of your property, but it also improves the financial value and jobs. […]

17 Outdoor Kitchen Island Ideas U Shaped

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Many homeowners design their outdoor kitchens just by making a u-shaped kitchen island. This is because u-shaped outdoor kitchens are fast-food kitchens that are only used for cooking fast food. This island has three sides, each of which has different functions (depends on needs). Having an outdoor kitchen must have the mandatory requirements first, namely […]

U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Designs

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Designing an outdoor kitchen must make it easier for us to do mobility. This can be realized if we make an u-shaped outdoor kitchen. The U-shaped outdoor kitchen design was chosen because it is able to allow everyone in the kitchen to have high mobility. Before building an outdoor kitchen, it’s good to see a […]