35 Smart Open Shelves Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted 4 months ago by michele in Storage Solutions

Open shelves are simple storage spaces that make it easier and at the same time enhance the appearance of the kitchen in your home. Today, open shelves are a common choice in modern households, rather than closed kitchen cabinets. Open shelves not only give your kitchen a chic and eclectic atmosphere but are also an […]

25 Creative Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Cabinets, Storage Solutions

A kitchen wall shelvings are one smart solution for storing kitchen equipment or tableware you need. In addition to looking neat, your items will also be easier to pick up when needed them. The kitchen wall mounted shelves concept is a multifunctional shelf that is widely used in the kitchen because in addition to being […]

49 Smart Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Storage Solutions

If your kitchen is small and you want to have neatly arranged storage, then open kitchen shelves design is the best idea that you can apply to it. This open shelf is not only for dishes and other glassware. If there is free space, put something unique as a display. Open shelves have become a […]

Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens (48 Pictures)

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions for small kitchens will be very helpful for arranging kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, food ingredients, spices so as not to fall apart so that small-sized kitchens appear neater and feel wider. Cooking activities will be very pleased if you have a comfortable kitchen. With complete equipment support, you will enjoy cooking activities […]

28 Ideas Hanging Pots and Pans in Small Kitchen

Posted 2 years ago by michele in Storage Solutions

Pots, pans, bowls, and similar equipment have more quantities than other equipment, so they need the right storage area. Hanging pots and pans are the right solutions for small-sized kitchens. You just need to nail the hangers on the kitchen wall where you want to hang them. The limited area is one of the main […]