24 Beautiful White Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

Posted 1 year ago by Diana in Wall

If you really want to change shades through the color of the walls, consider replacing them with black and white kitchen wallpaper. In addition to its installation is easier and more efficient, you can also choose your own variety of styles accordingly. For matters of interior design, there is no more beautiful color combination than […]

25 Best White Kitchen Floor Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by Diana in Flooring Ideas

White is a neutral color that will always be an unmistakable choice. White floor tiles are also suitable for kitchens that are not too big or with low roofs because white floor tiles are able to reflect light, creating a brighter impression of the kitchen. In addition to kitchen set material, backsplash motifs, to the […]

21 Beautiful White Kitchen Floor Tiles

Posted 2 years ago by Diana in Flooring Ideas

The unique and varied motives also add to the artistic impression of the kitchen. White kitchen floor tiles that have fine lines motif will give a light feel and not boring. White floor tiles made from marble, ceramic, and granite will add a sense of space in the room. The unique and varied motives also […]

Eclectic White Themed Brick Wallpaper for Kitchens

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Wall

Now available are various kitchen wall wallpapers with brick motifs with different color shades for different space impressions. Wallpaper wall is proven to be able to change the room in an instant and become a spoiler of space. To make the kitchen room look clean and spacious, apply this white brick motif wallpaper on one […]

Small U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Interior Layouts, Small Kitchens

U-shaped kitchen is the type used for a wide enough kitchen space. Because of the U-shaped kitchen set, the storage area also becomes more. The thing to note is that the distance should not be too wide so as to make us inefficient in cooking and get tired quickly. Laying the kitchen set must also […]

Modern White Kitchen Designs

Posted 2 years ago by abigail in Interior Layouts

Modern White Kitchen Designs – the white kitchen color is a timeless interior paint idea choice. This color is easily combined with various color palettes as accents. However, often people avoid this color, especially in the kitchen, because it easily looks dirty. In fact, the cleanliness of the kitchen or any space is certainly absolute. […]