24 Cherry Kitchen Storage Cabinets (Pantry Cabinet)

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One type of wood that will make your kitchen look cold (cool/serene) is cherry wood. To unite the kitchen with cherry cabinets, stain the kitchen trim and mold the same cherry tones and choose wood furniture that is made of the same wood. You don’t have to match your cabinet stain exactly for this look […]

30 Best Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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For those of you who like a minimalist style, but don’t like being too plain, you can use a cabinet design with a simple profile. Light grey kitchen cabinets will look elegant and make your kitchen more beautiful. Then adding white round lights to the dining area is very striking and dominates the living area […]

Oak Cabinet Kitchen Paint Colors

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Oak kitchen cabinets are often a mainstay for some people who like natural concepts. The use of this concept can give something different to the kitchen. Compared to thinking about how to make the kitchen area fresher, the use of oak cabinets can be a solution. The materials for kitchen cabinets vary depending on the […]

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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Grey kitchen cabinets may not be as popular as white or other neutral tones, but they are an understated option for contemporary and traditional kitchens. Grey is perhaps one of the most misunderstood colors when it comes to home design. While many homeowners are close to shade, grey still has a reputation for being dull, […]

32 Best Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas Pictures

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A gray kitchen cabinet sets can be combined with chandeliers and white countertops as well as white walls with a simple design. It is suitable for kitchens with small or large sizes. Gray, although often categorized as too “cold”, but with the right shade, can work really well in a kitchen area. Gray pairs well […]

24 Rustic Cherry Wood Cabinets – Kitchen Cabinets

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Want a unique and eccentric kitchen? Rustic cherry kitchen cabinet designs might be a reference. By choosing an exposed material with an old and damaged impression, you can also liven up the industrial and vintage atmosphere in the kitchen. Rustic style is a mixture of classic and rustic decor with vintage touch on a few […]

Unfinished Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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For a rustic style, using wood that shows its natural fibers is a strong unfinished representation. For a soft and feminine shabby or chic style kitchen, unfinished items that are often encountered are usually the owner’s do-it-yourself projects or recycled furniture. Following a stylistic derivative resulting from the use of unfinished materials, decorative items with […]

How to Stain Wooden Kitchen Cabinets (24 Images)

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There are many aspects that need to be considered when staining kitchen cabinets, including; The first is about the safety of the varnish used. The varnish must be made of water-based material to be safe and environmentally friendly. The second is the resistance of the varnish from heat to humidity which often appears at air […]

Cherry Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

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Cherry wood has a striking appearance that radiates natural reds. It is solid and durable wood, but easy to work with. The high-quality kitchen cabinets produced by this wood are the reason homeowners want to pay more for it, making cherry the most valuable of the five most common types of wood used in cabinets. […]

15 Natural Cherry Stained Cabinets for Kitchens

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Some of the most popular colors for staining a kitchen cabinet include dark gray, black, warm white, chestnut brown, blonde, blue, and cherry red.  Brown cabinets look fabulous around anywhere, including rustic, antique, and classic cabins. A contemporary kitchen can be enhanced in any of these colors depending on the overall color palette of the […]

Decorating with Pickled Wood Cabinets (27 Images)

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Pickled cabinets are one of the biggest trends in interior design today. Pickled cabinets are generally made from oak, ash, or open-grain wood. By using a fine finish or pickled stain to the grain, a slightly translucent white appearance is achieved as the grain of the wood continues to appear. Pickled cabinets are one of […]

Unfinished Oak Kitchen Cabinet Pictures

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Choose oak wood that features natural fibers with an unfinished design to keep the oak cabinets looking natural. You can also add a yellow light so that the color of the oak cabinet is warmer and more obvious. Not enough budget to make the perfect kitchen? Quiet. You can make it with an unfinished design. […]

Diy Staining Oak Cabinet (16 Images)

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Quality staining materials should be able to show the quality of solid oak cabinets. Especially if the staining needed is natural staining. Getting a natural finish means having to use materials such as varnish for wood or wood finish. Are you one of the DIYs who love the staining process the most? For most craftsmen, […]

13 Inspiring Red Cherry Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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The red-colored cherry cabinet is striking, so it’s important to pair it with other colors or materials. Make red cherry the star of your kitchen by choosing neutral, supportive colors and materials that don’t compete with the dazzling shade. For those looking for vibrant color, red cherry is a pleasure to add color to your […]

11 Best Golden Oak Kitchen Cabinets

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Most old gold oak cabinets have white or gold hardware that makes them look dated. Changing existing devices to dark devices can make them look completely different and make the colors in your initial protector stand out. The dark plaster color associated with dark devices will complement each other. Many people want to automatically get […]