Kitchen Designs with Oak Cabinets – 42 Gorgeous Ideas

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These kitchen designs with oak cabinets are a way to bring out the natural interior of the kitchen. Why? because oak is a type of wood that has an attractive appearance of fibers and pores. Both make oak kitchen cabinets look natural and beautiful. In addition, the characteristics of strong and hard oak wood make […]

Antique White Cabinets – 27 Timeless Ideas

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No doubt, antique white cabinets are able to give a vintage feel to a very beautiful kitchen interior. Antique kitchen cabinets carry a symmetrical shape like a square and a circle where the right and left sides of the cabinet have the same shape and size. Want to try a kitchen design with an antique […]

Vintage Kitchen Cabinets – 27 Timeless Ideas

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The best way to display a vintage style in the interior kitchen is to use vintage kitchen cabinets. They are made of wood with carvings depicting the nuances of the 1910s. Today, in the era of the increasingly rapid development of information technology, it also changes people’s preferences or tastes. However, despite having produced many […]

Kitchen Cabinets without Crown Molding

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Kitchen cabinets without crown molding are usually slab-style cabinets. Slab cabinets often go hand in hand with contemporary designs. They can even come with a more modern look. Many people call it a flat panel cabinet. The crown molding is an additional element at the top of the cabinet that protrudes like a “crown”. This […]

Kitchen Pantry with Glass Doors (27 Images)

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The kitchen pantry has various designs and the popular one is the kitchen pantry with glass doors. The glass door makes it easy to find cooking spices (if using clear glass), thus speeding up the cooking process. Who doesn’t want their kitchen to look beautiful? I’m sure everyone wants it! With a kitchen that is […]

Upper Cabinets with Glass Doors (22 Images)

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What makes the upper cabinets are popular? Because the upper cabinets are designed with glass doors. It is closed but it can still show the equipment and needs. The upper cabinets with glass doors feel more elegant, especially when combined with aluminum or wood. The top cabinet is one of the pieces of furniture that […]

Kitchen Design Indian Style – 30 Ideas

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The small kitchen must be well laid out so that people there feel comfortable. One of them is the kitchen design in Indian style. Indian-style kitchens have bright characters and have lots of lush details. On the other hand, one feels certain asceticism here. The arrangement of the small kitchen must be good so that […]

Modern Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets (37 Ideas)

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A modern kitchen with cherry cabinets, both bright, saturated, and non-ring colors will enhance the beauty of your kitchen interior. In fact, it enhances its elegance by presenting a shiny table and backsplash. We find a lot of cherry wood cabinets in modern-style home designs. Especially cherry wood is quite popular among kitchen cabinet furniture […]

Backsplash Ideas for Black Granite Countertops and Maple Cabinets

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What is the backsplash design that fits with the black granite countertop and maple cabinet? Following this, we provide the best ideas about backsplash designs for black granite countertops and maple cabinets. When decorating the kitchen set, there are 3 main elements, namely backsplash, countertops, and cabinets. These three elements must be continuous so that […]

Honey Oak Cabinets with Granite Countertops

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You must try to combine the honey oak cabinets with the granite countertops to get a well-suited blend of colors and designs for your kitchen interior. Both elements are a unity that is difficult to separate in the art of decorating a kitchen. The cabinet will set the tone for any kitchen. Woodgrain, color, style […]

Light Wood Kitchen Cabinets (30 Images)

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Light wood kitchen cabinets will provide warmth nuance to the kitchen interior. This is due to the natural color emitted from the color of the wood. Use veneers to polish it to make your kitchen appearance more perfect. Wooden cabinets are popular today because of their minimalist design and can make the kitchen look of […]

Kitchen Colors for Cherry Cabinets

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Here we provide some beautiful ideas about kitchen colors for cherry cabinets that will make your kitchen even more stunning! The shades of red really indicate a psychological activity. It excites the central nervous system, spreads blood vessels, slightly increases blood pressure, and causes an increase in appetite. A reddish kitchen is suitable for those […]