Along with the development of culture and technology, the shape of the kitchen is also changing.

Modern kitchen planning today follows the principle of the triangle which states that the 3 main functions of a kitchen are storage (such as a refrigerator), preparation, and cooking.

This principle emphasizes that between the three functions, they do not obstruct each other but also the distance between the three is not too far.

Some shapes of a kitchen that are commonly implemented include:

1. All of the above functions are placed on one wall so that the principle of the triangle is in line.

2. This form is less effective but saves more space.

3. Another form of the function above is that the kitchen is arranged on two opposite walls.

4. L-shaped kitchen, where kitchen tools are placed on 2 intersecting walls (in the corner).

5. U-shaped kitchen, which occupies 3 walls.

6. Sometimes, the kitchen also has a place that serves as a dining room too (open plan kitchen).

Inspiring U Kitchen Design Idea Must Have
Inspiring U Kitchen Design Idea Must Have

As mentioned above, there are many kitchen interior layouts that are very charming and beautiful.

One of them is the concept of the U-shaped layout.

Most minimalist houses in the country do indeed apply the u-shaped kitchen concept so that each time undergoes a very significant renewal.

U-shaped kitchens will indeed affect the use of kitchen sets. Because in buying it, of course, you will see the shape and width first.

Paint Color Idea for U-Shaped Kitchen

The first thing to design a u-shaped kitchen is choosing the color of the paint used.

You need to remember that the color of the paint that is applied can even make the kitchen space of your house seem more narrow and vice versa.

To apply paint colors in a u-shaped kitchen interior, it is better if you apply bright and soothing colors, such as white, or it could be cream, and so on.

Furniture Idea for U-Shaped Kitchen

Furthermore, from the layout of the furniture used.

The minimalist furniture will make a u-shaped kitchen seem more modern.

Think for a moment to arrange the most suitable place for cooking furniture according to its function or not separated.

Because this can also make it easier for you to take cooking furniture in your home kitchen.

That way you managed to arrange cooking utensils according to the layout and area of ​​the kitchen concept in a u-shaped interior layout.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout for Small Kitchen

A small kitchen with u shaped layout is a simple design to get around a small room. Also with a u-shaped cabinet, you are free to move to the middle of the kitchen to cook and prepare food.

This will be very practical and save time when cooking.

You don’t need to go far when moving furniture from one place to another. Like moving a frying pan used to the laundry, or take a plate to serve food.

You just turn right and left. Very efficient motion!

Get around the small kitchen to make it look wider

Feeling less comfortable with the size of a small kitchen in your home? A small kitchen can indeed make space for movement limited.

However, don’t be frustrated just because of its tiny size.

There are many ways to trick your small kitchen to make it look more spacious and comfortable.

You also feel freer when you mix your favorite dishes in the kitchen.

Here’s an interior or kitchen set idea for your small kitchen;

1. The all-white kitchen

The application of white to the walls and interior will leave a spacious impression on the room, without exception the small kitchen. But so as not to seem monotonous, you can also insert other colors as accents.

2. Use bright kitchen colors

Not only white, but a bright palette like pastel colors can also be an option for your small kitchen.

According to color psychology, the use of this palette in the home can radiate positive energy to the occupants.

3. Maximum lighting

The lack of lighting will make the kitchen dark so it looks narrower.

In fact, lighting is very crucial in every room, without exception the kitchen, considering that cooking requires extra precision. For that, always make sure the small kitchen has enough light.

It can be experienced through sunlight coming in through a window or artificial light from a lamp.

Install lights for important areas such as cooking areas, countertops, areas, and washing.

4. Designing a U-shaped Kitchen

This layout will add value to the functionality of a small kitchen.

In addition to creating a balance in the design of the house, a small u-shaped kitchen will provide dynamic space for residents when using it.

5. Maximize every corner of the kitchen

A comfortable kitchen is not only judged by its design but how functional space is.

One of them is by taking advantage of every corner of the kitchen as a storage area or cabinet. For example, make a special drawer or cabinet in the shape of a triangle in a small kitchen.

You can also use a kitchen organizer that can be attached to the inner wall of the cabinet.

6. Using open shelves

The open shelving to store items can also get around the form of a small kitchen.

This open shelf can give the illusion of a bigger room as well as can beautify the kitchen with a neat or attractive arrangement of kitchen utensils.

Latest U Kitchen Design Image Must Have
Latest U Kitchen Design Image Must Have
Stylish U Kitchen Design Image from Houzz
Stylish U Kitchen Design Image from Houzz
Remarkable U Kitchen Design Picture from Houzz
Remarkable U Kitchen Design Picture from Houzz
Magnificent U Kitchen Design Idea You will Like
Magnificent U Kitchen Design Idea You will Like
Gorgeous U Kitchen Image for Small Kitchen
Gorgeous U Kitchen Image for Small Kitchen
Inspiring U Kitchen Design Idea for Modern Kitchen
Inspiring U Kitchen Design Idea for Modern Kitchen
Fascinating U Kitchen Image for Modern Kitchen
Fascinating U Kitchen Image for Modern Kitchen

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